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Projects with Learning Outcomes (ProwLO) Process Model

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Project-lifecycle based management processes focused on (project) knowledge as to complement traditional approaches to project management, driven by principles and the need to solve knowledge management problems as experienced in practice.

"From functions to processes to knowledge needs. Top-down for process compliance, bottom-up for business transformation"

Introduction to ProwLO

ProwLO is a methodology for project knowledge management. It is fully described in the guide 'Knowledge Management for Project Excellence', published by Routledge. Taking the generic project-life cycle as the starting point, ProwLO defines eight management processes that drive knowledge processes. The difference between the two is that a management process is a control mechanism, in this case often the responsibility of a Project Knowledge Manager, whereas a knowledge process relates to the life cycle of a knowledge entity, and occurs all the time in organizations.

Every process consists of sub-processes, that is, activities, which are performed by a certain role. The key player in project knowledge management is the Project Knowledge Manager. He is responsible for knowledge management in projects, just like the project manager is responsible for the management of projects. Essentially, the whole project management team, including the sponsor, should be concerned with managing knowledge. In addition, there are links with the Chief Knowledge Officer and the PMO. From the viewpoint of ProwLO, project team members are users whose knowledge needs need to be satisfied.

Explanation ProwLO Process Model

Just like the PRINCE2 process model, ProwLO has processes, activities, roles, and products. So the basic mechanics, based on a similar meta-model (same higher level elements), are the same. This work-flow tool is therefore very useful as a reference for step-by-step execution of ProwLO. The only thing missing is the original guide that explains what to do in a certain context. Furthermore, ProwLO is just like PRINCE2 founded based upon principles, underlying the process model. The only difference is that they are implicit in first edition of the ProwLO book.

The eight main ProwLO processes aim to impact knowledge processing for the benefit of the organization, by solving problems and contribution to the development of a learning organization.

Key innovation

A ProwLO Framework Topics filter with ProwLO process logic. Selecting an instance of a process element affects all other process elements based on underlying relationships.